Sex is woman's only strong hold Therefore, woman, do not feel bad or mad when that sucking shameless brainless gutless male challenge you with his sucking powerless cowardly oral sex (When it is your strong hold, you must make no attack, you must 港式飲茶 have no self-defense, that how woman must not ever challenge any man in that sex spot, and not ever say no when that man indeed driven by his real sex mad; that how that s 台北港式飲茶upposed most powerful man US President must not be allowed to attack anyone, not mention to have any self-defense right.) xxck.That how Cantonese include so called "Curse.Job.Ren" 商務中心in Taiwan and/or in Mainland China who has any overseas ties with Western white or white trash must be worse than so called "Loud.Shoot.10"; because their female too suck to tolerate man's free right to fuck. You 宜蘭民宿 cannot tolerate any man's free right to fuck, you have to demand all your man to carry fire arms to have the free right to kill, or demand all your man not to have sex with any woman to make that woman to give birth. Shame on you 墾丁民宿 all sucking Cantonese speakers, all your female who speaks any Cantonese ties dialect, must more deserve to be killed than any white trash (That may explain how come that biggest White Trash U.K.Queened without a king must have your sucking shameless f 日月潭民宿emale controlled slaved Cantonese dialect to be the most popular language in Hong Kong.) .That how Michael Jackson deserved to die on that evil path, because he's obviously too suck to know how to hide his soft spot as that richest most famous staged guy. Why Jack X 麻辣鍋could survived, Michael Jackson must die? Because Jack X is nobody before recognized by me, and because he's a prostitute's son, no way to know sex is sin (Had Michael Jackson not known sex's sin, why not dare show real thing instead of lie of that action; his fan may be too c 麻辣火鍋razy under his music to keep clear mind, how could he crazed by himself to show his lie of action instead of really going to xxck his crazy out. Anyone cannot have the brain cell or common sense to hide his own sick weak wicked the most invisibly way, can have that sucking shameless to get path and stick to cl 火鍋吃到飽imb up into any field first place to suck for selfish rich and famous gain and gang, must more deserve to be killed than any fly or mosquito or roach.) before someone respected cared loved by him to tell him so. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 盤纏銀兩  .
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